17th March 2019

This year Gosforth Schools’ Trust (GST) launched a GST STEM Leader Award. Children of all ages from across GST had to use their imaginative skills to create their own inventions based on these questions. What would you design if you were an inventor? Could your design help people? Could your design make the world a better place?

There were numerous brilliant designs that were not only extremely creative and exciting but that would also make the world cleaner, safer, happier and a whole lot more fun!

One winner was selected from across GST for each phase of learning.


Click on the link below to find out who the winners were, and to see their designs!


There were also lots of other exciting activities being carried outduring British Science Week...

Pupils at Regent Farm made balloon rockets and worked scientifically to see how they could alter the designs to make them go further.

UV lighting was used at South Gosforth to investigate how germs are spread by hands.

Brunton carried out a range of outdoor activities such as pond dipping, orienteering, leaf identification and sound walks. Some children even made windmills out of plastic bottles!

Archibald pupils became scientists to find out how medicine is made and also investigated friction by seeing how far vehicles would travel on different surfaces.

Pupils at Gosforth Central Middle School designed, made and tested their very own‘impossible’ planes.

Children at Dinnington studied neurons and used this to inspire some science based abstract art!