Our Directors

The Gosforth Schools’ Trust Board of Directors is made up of representation from all our partner schools and the local authority.  Other seats on the Board are offered to our key partners from the private, public and third sector organisations.


The directors’ duties are:

  • To act within the powers of the Trust as laid down in our Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • To promote the success of the Trust
  • To exercise independent judgement
  • To avoid conflicts of interest
  • Not to accept benefits from third parties
  • To declare interest in any proposed transaction or arrangement
Directors April 2017

Sarah Hawkins - Archbishop Runcie CE First School

Julia Bayes - Archibald First School

Helen McKenna - Broadway East First School

Richard Hukin - Brunton First School

Martin Fletcher - Dinnington First School

Jeremy Bell - Gosforth Central Middle School

Tim Stout - Gosforth East Middle School

Jimi Sara - Gosforth Park First School

Sarah Medcalf - Grange First School

Gillian Sanders - Regent Farm First School

Jo Elliott - South Gosforth First School


Sean Bullick - Independent

George Snaith - Independent and Chairman of the Board

Ray Steele - Independent

Deborah Tyler - Newcastle City Council

Directors until April 2016

Julie Robson – Archbishop Runcie CE First School

John Davison – Archibald First School

Helen McKenna – Broadway East First School

Gill McKay – Brunton First School

Martin Fletcher – Dinnington First School

Jeremy Bell – Gosforth Central Middle School

Tim Stout – Gosforth East Middle School

Jane Appleby- Gosforth Park First School

Chris Jewitt – Grange First School

Deborah Ashcroft – Regent Farm First School

Jo Elliott – South Gosforth First School


Sean Bullick - Independent

Ayshea Robertson - Independent

George Snaith – Chairman of the Board

Ray Steel - Independent

Deborah Tyler – Newcastle City Council