About Us

Gosforth Schools’ Trust



The Gosforth Schools’ Trust is a partnership of ten schools and one school partner from the North East sector of Newcastle upon Tyne and Newcastle City Council. For many years the eleven schools have successfully worked together and wish to continue this with a formal and legal agreement.


The opportunity to formalise this arrangement within a trust based on a common set of aims and values began in early 2013, the Gosforth Schools’ Trust became operational on 1st April 2014.


All schools are currently operating within a rapidly changing national context; we believe that through working together in a robust, collaborative and mutually supportive framework we can achieve more for our children and the communities we serve. We will endeavour to preserve each school’s individual identity and add value to their work.


Our Vision

To provide effective, supportive, quality education for every child in our schools



The Trust schools all share the common values of tolerance, compassion, justice and courage



The purpose of the Trust will be to deepen, extend and build the sustainability of our successful collaborative working so as to:


  • Expand educational opportunities for our children
  • Retain our unique identities within our local schools
  • Raise children’s aspirations and to drive up standards
  • Share best practice across the schools in the interests of our children
  • Work more effectively with parents, carers, partners and the wider community
  • Provide a stronger local voice in response to national changes
  • Increase leadership capacity and opportunities within our schools at all levels
  • Seek opportunities for additional funding streams and financial efficiencies



The Trust actively seeks opportunities to establish effective partnerships with organisations from all sectors who share the vision and values of the Trust. We welcome approaches from organisations that are able to offer expertise and specialism within a mutually beneficial relationship to maximise the educational opportunities and welfare of children and young people.




Legal information

We are registered with Companies House. Our company number is 08942309. Our registered address is:


c/o Havannah First School
Primrose Lane
Great Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE13 9FR


Please do not use this address for marketing purposes/sales opportunities.


Our incorporation date was the 17th March 2014 and we began operations as a Trust on the 1st April 2014.