GST No Voice Too Small

Some children from across 8 of the GST schools were lucky enough to take part in a project entitled 'No Voice Too Small'. This project involved pupils working with creative professionals from 'Unfolding Theatre' to develop their speaking and listening, oracy skills and confidence.
The children worked in teams, telling stories and narratives and created their own speeches based upon their chosen topic of the environment and how we can help our world be a better place for future generations to live in - this was something which was very important to our pupils and made the project really meaningful for them. As well as creating their own speeches, the children learned all about how to structure their ideas thoughtfully and project their voices with confidence.
The project culminated in the children delivering their speeches in Newcastle Council Chambers in front of local MPs, councillors, local authority education staff, Head Teachers and parents and carers. This was a really powerful event where our children demonstrated such bravery to speak in front of a large group of people and share their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
We are so proud of everyone who took part!